DNA of Attack

Attack Drumhead Hoop Construction

Are you "glue-less" when it comes to drum heads? You should be!

The DNA of Attack Drumheads is amazingly simple. Quality materials, Innovative Designs, Artistic Craftsmanship, and Great Sound. The first notable difference about Attack Drumheads is our pressure-fitted steel hoop. It is obvious that our unique hoop design holds the head firmly in place under the most stringent demands. The less obvious feature of our hoop is the extra mass that it creates. This extra mass helps to lengthen the sustain and pinpoint the tonal focus.

Most of Attack's coated models use our Dura-Coat material that is manufactured in the USA. It is an industrial coating specially formulated to adhere to Attack’s Dynaflex Polyester film.
Innovation has always propelled Attack and that tradition continues today. Certain series in our drumhead line stand out amongst the industry norms like Tone Ridge, Thin Skin 2, Baron, Blast Beat, Logic Dot, and of course our unmistakable Patented Orbit Series.

In October of 2018, the Attack brand came under the new ownership of Cardinal Percussion. We are proud of Attack Drumheads' history and are excited about the future and all the positive changes to come. Attack drumheads will remain as the best value in the drumhead market.

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